I Tried. Let it Roll.

I Tried. Let it Roll.

I Tried. Let it Roll.

I Tried. Let it Roll. Detail 2

I Tried: Let It Roll.   

Mary B. Stanley


Since the 2016 Election, many progressives, myself included, have ironically or seriously contemplated the end of the world under the Trump Administration. Or at the least the end of the world as WE know it. 


With Donald Trump’s swaggering exit from the Paris Agreement, his charge to the EPA to deregulate and his distain for renewable energy and environmental science, the nature and impact of human caused climate change has lost its place in the queue of immediate problems that must be addressed. And immediately.


In this small sculpture, I present an exhausted Minerva, Goddess of wisdom and war, ready to bail on the human experiment. Minerva (Athena to the Greeks) was often assigned the task of helping humans navigate war so that they might realize its sorrows and futility. With sufficient wisdom, also Minerva’s gift, human beings might transcend war and willful ignorance. Solve the problems they create. Perhaps clean their nest and save the biosphere they share with living things.


Not. Here Minerva having tried her best on many fronts, lets the precious human habitat roll away from her in flames. My flaming porcelain earth is kiln fired with lush glazes.  Surrounded by flames, its soft, flowing surface green reminds us of the lovely ball we lose. 


War on the environment. War with each other. Time to let it go. In sum: "The Owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk." Hegel. 


In this piece, Minerva appears as a Chimera, sharing both human and bird-like characteristics.  The Owl is Minerva's totem. Perhaps having despaired that those characteristics she offered and shared with humans have done so little to halt the burn, she is fully becoming her Totem. Preparing to take flight back into the cosmos.  Her claw reaches for another sphere as she does. Maybe next time. Human hope. A fool’s errand?



Exhibited:  Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, NY. SUM Show, Summer 2018


Mary lives and works in Syracuse, NY and Paraty, Brazil.

I Tried. Let it Roll.

I Tried. Let it Roll. Detail 1